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The Dream Ring


We are very happy to announce that Immortal Performances has re-mastered the entire Dream Ring, enhanced with improved sound, greater clarity and impact as well as more natural tone. (In some instances we have utilized new sources.) The albums offer new covers and other production values including many additional photos and revised texts. The broadcasts include commentary and curtain calls by Milton Cross. Click here more information about the improvements.

The price for the complete Dream Ring is a reduced rate of $150.00 Canadian dollars ($12.50 per disc), plus postage. If you order each album individually, the price is $14.50 per disc (which would total $174.00), plus postage. For an additional charge of $15.00, the complete Ring set will come enclosed in a custom-made, color-illustrated box. Click here to view picture of box for Ring set.

To learn more about each individual CD album, and read some of the reviews written about the previous, un-remastered editions, click on the album that interests you.

Please go to the bottom to order.

Click Here for Reviews of the Remastered Dream Ring

Dream Ring I | CD2221-22 | $21.00 US
Dream Ring II | CD2215-17 | $31.00 US
Dream Ring III | CD2207-09|US $31.00
Dream Ring IV | CD2224-27 | $42.00 US


Have not all the Ring recordings been more or less marred by the difficulty of finding a worthy company of principals? Could any regular opera-goer of the interwar period or even a younger listener, who uses his ears as keenly and perceptively as John Steane normally does, suppose that the post-war period has thrown up a Wotan to equal Schorr, a Sieglinde to approach Lotte Lehmann, or a Siegfried in the same league as Melchior. Imagine that a superlative stereo Ring were to exist with that cast, together with either Leider or Flagstad as Brünnhilde, can we doubt that, whether conducted by Bruno Walter or Furtwängler, or by Solti or Karajan or Goodall, it would wipe the floor with all contenders?

Desmond Shaw-Taylor

Gramophone, September 1974

Written inscription in one of John Steane's books, given to to Richard Caniell:

To Richard Caniell

Who turns dreams into reality

From John Steane

Who merely writes about them

                              15 May, 2003

Der Ring des Nibelungen

The Dream Ring assembles the great voices chosen by the major music critics as the supreme representations of the central roles in Wagner's Nibelungen drama. These artists often sang together in the same performances, but the cycles offering their singing were never completely recorded. Nevertheless, the traversals of their roles were separately preserved and it is these recordings that we have brought together to create as ideal a performance of the Ring Cycle dramas as it is possible to achieve.

The albums deliver Friedrich Schorr's Wotan, rich with humanity, intelligence and grandeur. Melchior's heroic and incomparable Siegmund and Siegfried, Kirsten Flagstad's noble and shining Brünnhilde, Lotte Lehmann's rapturously feminine and unforgettable Sieglinde, Karen Branzell's regal Fricka, Kerstin Thorborg's prophetic, richly toned Erda and Waltraute, Eduard Habich's implacable and spirit-curdling Alberich, Karl Laufkoetter's wheedling and pathetic Mime, all in the complete traversal of their roles. Their capacities to embody the essential character in their tone gives us the very soul of their emotion, achieving an unforgettable impact. Wagner longed, not only for the invisible orchestra, which he finally achieved at Bayreuth, but for the invisible theater. In the dream Der Ring des Nibelungen one can experience, then, in the vast theater of our minds, these epic dramas with a verisimilitude without parallel in recorded performances.

These albums also include extensive booklet texts about the composer, singers, the performance, the work, together with biographies, detailed Recording Notes as well as photographs of the singers in their roles. The Dream Ring is presented in a newly re-mastered edition, offering in many instances improved sound, preserving performances of Der Ring des Nibelungen you will never forget - truly a dream come true.

Richard Caniell
Sound Engineer

Reviews of the re-mastered Dream Ring


Colin Clarke FANFARE (Nov-Dec 2013)
THE DREAM RING (Der Ring des Nibelungen)

Issues like the Immortal Performances Ring give hope for all. Richard Caniell’s super-project is an astonishing achievement and one that deserves to be roundly applauded. Building on previous releases, and presented with trademark documentation (i.e., lots of it), this is thought-provoking, stimulating, and a reminder of Wagner’s achievement as much as Caniell’s.


"This is a Ring to die for . . . a significant achievement in recorded history . . ."

See full review (3 magazine pages of estimate)


"A remarkable achievement – A Ring Cycle for the ages with the greatest Wagnerian voices of the century . . . this edition is a meaningful improvement over Caniell’s own earlier version (on Guild)."

See full review

Reviews of previous, un-remastered editions

Highlighted Reviews from Joe Pearce (Opera Quarterly critic) and John Steane (Gramophone - Singer Talk)

Das Rheingold:
Classics Today - September 2002 by Jed Distler

Die Walküre:
MusicWeb August 2002 by Robert J Farr

The London Times - 20th August 2002 by Geoff Brown

Classics Today by Jed Distler

Gramophone - April 2003 by Robert Cowan
MusicWeb - March 2003 by Paul Shoemaker
Classics Today - February 2003 by Robert Levine

Complete Ring Set, 12 CDs / $150.00

Complete Ring (BOXED) Set, 12 CDs / $165.00

Das Rheingold, 2 CDs / $29.00

Die Walkure, 3 CDs / $43.50

Siegfried, 3 CDs / $43.50

Gotterdammerung, 4 CDs / $58.00

For further information about the great vocal artists offered in our CD releases, including articles, discographies and photos, see The Record Collector at:
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