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Shipping Policy

Pricing / Shipping / Payment Policy


We charge $14.50 CAD per CD produced on our own label, and $12.00 per CD for our restorations on the Guild label. This minimal price is asked only to regain our basic costs, nothing more, so that we can release another series of broadcasts.

Immortal Performances has a large overhead expense to deliver the production values we feel necessary to give proper due to the special or important qualities of each performance that has been restored. This includes a booklet offering notes on the performance and singers, biographies and many rare photos. All work is on a volunteer basis, as has been true since the inception of IP 30 years ago. In our newer releases we quite often have guest writers who volunteer their services, such as John Steane, Robert Matthew-Walker, and London Green, all knowledgeable authors well known in this field.


We charge $1.00 per order to cover the cost of the packaging material. We process each order individually to determine the cost of postage; you are not charged anything above the cost we must pay to ship your package. When you make an order through our website, you will receive a return, PayPal invoice from us within two business days, showing the breakdown of the total cost of your order, including shipping postage.


We accept payment through PayPal, which is a secure method of transmitting your credit card information. If you do not wish to use PayPal for payment, please contact us (click here) and we will present other options.

For further information about the great vocal artists offered in our CD releases, including articles, discographies and photos, see The Record Collector at:
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